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The folks are all right

EMOTION is a wristband tracker that detects the physical and psycho-emotional state of the user and alerts people connected when readings are beyond normal. Now you know when a member of your family needs help. Or just a call from you. Instantly.

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Emotion by FORCE

Wearabale innovation for those you care about

Subtle on the outside, EMOTION is busy on the inside. It packs an array of sensors including Forceí own
EDA (Electrodermal Activity) sensor and is driven by self-learning software that leverages big data. To put it simple,
itíll get even smarter with time.

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Emotion by FORCE

Innovative technologies of caring for loved ones

Worn by your mom, dad, grandpa or any other member of the family, EMOTION silently keeps track of how its owner feels, and sends a message to your phone or tablet if something goes wrong. It uses a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to keep track of statistics and send notifications and messages to people specified by the user.

Force is using know how, big data analysis and medical data to pre-set the EMOTION action thresholds. Hard-wired scenarios trigger the action by default, i.e. in case of fall detection or a heart rate anomaly.

Emotion is smart
Emotional state detection

EDA sensor constantly measures tiny fluctuations in natural skin conductivity, which are correlated with HR sensor and pulse oximeter data and interpreted as stress/mood level changes

Up to 10 days battery life

EMOTION is designed as an ultra-low- power device from the ground up so it could be worn allbday, all night, all week long

Fall-down detection

A built-in accelerometer is custom tuned to detect real mishaps yet ignore accidental smashes into doorways, bedside drawers or cats

Heart rate sensor

Keeps track of the heart rate and displays the data in form of easy-to- grasp graphs. Triggers the alarm in case the rate dips/peaks stronger than usual.


A sensor keeps an eye on the balance of oxygen in the blood

Panic button

In case the user realizes something is wrong and help is needed, the distress signal is a touch away

Emotion by FORCE

Application features

  • Sends text messages and/or push notifications triggered by EMOTION smart software or a press of a panic button to a receiver or a list of receivers
  • Reminds the user to take medications (Pill Reminder), reminds the caregiver to call the user (Call Reminder)
  • Keeps track of userís heart rate and stress level/mood swings over days, weeks or months
  • Multiple profiles for more than one EMOTION user in the family
  • Unlike many health and stress trackers on the market, EMOTION is free of any service-related recurring fees. The updates for the EMOTION software and app will also always be free.
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  • Jenna, 71

    If a thought of little electrons buzzing inside the tiny thing on your wrist deciding whether you feel ok and whether to call your kids or not doesnít sound exhilarating to you, I donít know what is. It makes me confident and less worried, and more importantly it makes me hip and current, yo.

  • Alex, 76

    Now I get it Ė the real future tech is the one you donít need to learn to use, the device is smart enough to get my grandson on the phone when Iím not feeling too well. It just works, and I canít go wrong by pressing the wrong button, cause it only has one button. Perfect if you ask me.