EMwatch is World's First Stress Tracker & Mental Health Advisor
Go beyond fitness. Monitor your emotions in real time. Get the motivation you need to achieve your mental well-being goals. With EMwatch, you can do it all — right from your wrist.
Fulfil your personal goals with EMwatch
Be active
All the metrics in one place
Achieve mindfullness
AI-based advices in the app
AI-based stress management
Sleep Tracking & Stages
Track progress and get a more complete picture of your health
Track steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned
4 types of stress
Blood Pressure Measurement
Real time data
Stress Management
Fall notification
Heart Rate Monitor
Life data analytics
14+ Days Battery Life
Alert button
Location detection
Water resistant
Advantages   Stress measurement, blood pressure monitor
Heart rate measurement   ±3 bpm
Colors   Black, silver, royal
Water and dust resistant   IP67
Compatible OS   Android 5.0, iOS 7.0
Strap length   Total length 240 mm, wrist size 64-216 mm
Screen   0.95" OLED
Bluetooth   4.0 BLE
Device languages   Ukrainian, Russian, English
App languages   Ukrainian, Russian, English
Battery   100 mAh. 14 days battery life
Weight   42 g
Warranty   1 year limited warranty
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