Lisa's FORCE:

an EMotional story
FORCE is the team of engineers, programmers, mathematicians and biomedical scientists. We are developing revolutionary new technologies in bioengineering. Our latest breakthroughs capture rheography from the wrist for stress level detection, and myography for gesture recognition for the deaf.

First time we announced our development at IDCEE ' 14. Then FORCE became a prize-winner team at Seed Forum and presented product for gesture recognition in Oslo, Norway. We have an agreement with PsyQuation, an Australian analytical company, and the Into - Sana, the Ukrainian leading medical company to purchase 200 and 300 of our devices relatively. Moreover, we have successful Kickstarter campaign that brings 185 pre-orders.

We got accepted into two world leading accelerators: the health, wellness and sports-oriented Vertical and platinum-rated Alchemist.

Meet FORCE team
CEO and CTO have met at the Students European Engineering competition. They assembled team of scientists in order to create “something dreamt of by people but inexplicably never done yet”
Lisa Voronkova
Illia Kukharenko
Bill Demas
Alexander Tulko
Igor Klymonchuk
Head of software development
Roman Opeida
Volodymyr Romanenko
Lead electronics engineer
Denis Datsiuk
Embedded development
Dima Seliverstov
Embedded development
Alex Vyznyuk
Mobile development
Ruslan Kishai
PR-manager & Neuro marketer
Alesya Krylach
Operations Manager
Kate Furdylo
Electronics engineer
Oleg Kryskov
Embedded developer
Yuriy Melnychuk
Daniil Anichyn
Maria Suetina
Web development
Misha Topol
Administrative director
Tatiana Pilipenko

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